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100k Best in da world

2011-05-23 14:26:36 by fireexit

first thing ive done on newgrounds in months


2011-01-02 17:30:18 by fireexit

I have lotz of new stuF for u

New gamertag = xLSL

New youtube = zSTARxGaming

Plz check my new youtube out and tell me what u thing of my new GamerTag.

Thats All for now :D

December update

2010-12-02 09:39:26 by fireexit

its almost Christmas but who cares because my inter has been down for about 3 weeks now and i have it back today so im going to prestige and google things , ohh i missed the internet.

Fireexit's Offline Adventures

well i have been off school all week with the snow so i done lots of sledging and completed gears 1 and two and watch im a celebrity too much, over all i was bored out my Y fronts.

but now im going to prestige and have a go at gears of war 2 online :D

How To QuickScope On Black Ops After Patch

2010-11-15 17:29:44 by fireexit

ok well as we all know tryarch have put a patch on the new black ops game so that you cant quick-scope :( but some one is bound to find one way. now this isn't as easy as cod 4 or mw2 but still possible.

Gun- L96 sniper VARIABLE SCOPE
Secondary- handgun
perk 1 scavenger
perk 2 hardened not slight of hand
perk 3 ninja or marathon
lethal - tomahawk
tactical - smoke

/* */
if you want extra help or if you want a game add me on xbox live @ I sgt sniip3r I

thats all for now :D

Update: Black Ops

2010-11-11 18:06:18 by fireexit

I have had black ops for a couple of days now and this is the first time ive been on my computer to update my account but anyway i have black ops now :D

And itz 2 ownage for animating so there will be no animating until Christmas prob.

i have xbox so add me below and i will play with u xD

XBL: I sgt Sniip3r I
Youtube: Kingluigi99 II Gamingbig

Please check out my youtube and add me on msn or xbox live :D

update: reach and things.

2010-10-20 11:09:47 by fireexit

i finished my solo project at xxblinx house and i posted that :)

also i have been playing allot of halo reach recently and its awesome. so i haven't been animation that much.

i aslo have been posting halo reach videos on youtube - ShotGunGames
youtube = Kingluigi99
msn =
xbox live = I sgt sniip3r I

update:  reach and things.

Update: Youtube, solo project

2010-08-20 18:09:30 by fireexit

Thanks to xxblinx for the happy b-day animation

hay, here is my update that i will do about once a month.

I have hade some problems with flash and have stopped it but will maby release it on a tater date (never).
i have started a new project with the help of XxBlinx, that is in its early stages.

collab wise Madness Diverse is out but ttaisawsome's collab has died (in a car accident). and zaracas collab is just gay =D

check out my youtube animation channel Kingluigi99


Update: Youtube, solo project

solo project & collab parts

2010-06-17 16:38:28 by fireexit

Madness Diverse
its up on newgrounds now =D go watch it NOW !

Ttaisawsome collab
i have finished my part for Ttaisawsome's collab 1/1

Zaracam's collab
i have not finished my part for his collab but will be finished soon. ?/1

Solo project
i have started a solo project. its a madness part about 1-2 minutes long. its called Madness Super Hero Smash and it includes Superman, Spider-man, Batman, Luigi, Santa and many more characters.
---- This has a delay because my computer cant handle the size of it ---- LOL

madness collabs

2010-05-08 11:20:41 by fireexit

i have finished my part for the madness collab diverse. my part will be about 10 seconds long.
click here to watch

if you are interested in joining too then visit this page HERE
im in ttaisawesome's collab now ! :)
check it out HERE
if anyone has a good adoby keygen cs5 then message me the link or post a comment.
thats all for now.


2010-01-07 16:04:59 by fireexit

please comment below

if you dare!